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Sam Son July 14, 2009

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I have this conversation every day:

Q1. Are you married?
A. No
Q2. How old are you
A. 26
Q3. Do you want to meet my son/grandson/nephew/neighbor?
A. No/No/No/No
Q4. Have you been to Sam Son? (There’s little to do in Thanh Hoa and Sam Son is the nearest beach)
A. Nope

I’m tired of getting looks of disappointment from these random strangers, and since I can’t (won’t) be changing my answer to the first 3 questions, I thought I would make a point to visit Sam Son this weekend. So I can finally say, “YES! I’ve been to the famous Sam Son.”

What I expected: Soft, sandy beaches, with cool clear blue water and plenty of sunshine!

What I got: Well, take a look for yourself…

The crowds at Sam Son
Yup, the water is indeed a sandy brownish color – very inviting. It was SO crowded. After fighting through the crowds to get to some cool water, I found out it was warm…very warm. There is no sun. It’s so hot during the day that people only go to the beach when the sun goes down. There were also many photographers walking around with a cigarette in one hand, a blow up animal in the other and a camera around their neck. I mean, who wouldn’t want their picture taken by a professional? 😉

So now, I have been to Sam Son. 🙂

Darren (Kiva Manager), Me (Kiva Fellow), Tinh (Kiva Coordinator)


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  1. JKS Says:

    who’s the cute boy?

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