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How can I help? April 14, 2009

There are several ways for you to participate in this experience with me!

Make a contribution: By contributing to my fellowship, you will help me support Kiva’s entrepreneurs in Vietnam and share their stories with lenders. My fundraising goal is $2,100. The money will be used to help cover a portion of my flight, pre-travel costs and housing for my 3 month stay in Vietnam. Every bit helps…and in return, I promise to keep you updated on my experience as a fellow through online journals and videos! I will be interviewing entreprenuers every day to measure the impact of microfinance loans and will document the challenging and triumphant moments that are a part daily life in the developing world.

Lend to a Kiva entrepreneur: In New York City, 25 bucks can buy you dinner – and that’s stretching it. Please check out the entrepreneur profiles on Kiva.org and if you are inspired, lend to an entrepreneur! With $25 and an internet connection, you can help someone across the world pull themselves out of poverty.

Contact me with any questions:

Skype: hanh_tran1


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