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Made with love February 16, 2009


Mama Petronia is a WomenCraft Artisan from Ngara, Tanzania. She joined WomenCraft in March of 2008. During the day, Mama Petronia works her small plot of farmland. As a widow, she is the sole supporter for her seven children. They keep her quite busy. In the evenings, after she puts the children to bed, she begins her second job; making traditional baskets to sell to WomenCraft. She often works through the night, weaving grass and banana stalk together. It is a skill she learned from her mother decades ago. Mama Petronia says she is grateful for the opportunity WomenCraft has given her and other women in the village to independently earn a living. She says that the money from the baskets can help send one of her children to school.

All WomenCraft baskets are made with love by rural artisans in Ngara, Tanzania. For more information visit